Footsteps To Wisdom

Footsteps to Wisdom, describes and conveys the foundations of an inspiring and much needed educational philosophy, along a fascinating practice.


Whether Mary is an artist with a passion for teaching, or a teacher with a passion for art, she has definitely turned teaching into art.

We grew up together in Venezuela, and I saw the poetry in her dancing. She connected to music, and floated through notes.

Mary has always been so talented, I always visualized her dancing with Rudolf Nureyev in the Bolshoi Ballet or playing piano in a concert hall. But instead, she preferred teaching, and used dance and music as instruments to connect with her students.

She had the patience and vision to guide and lead students to new dimensions. Through her own experience and keen observation, she discovered that her students had all the inner wisdom necessary to excel, and just needed the guidance and encouragement to let all that inner wisdom flourish.

When asked if wisdom could be taught, she said:

“Wisdom already exists inside all of us; we just need to learn how to get it out.”

And how do you teach people to bring out that inner wisdom? she was once questioned.

“By inspiring them,” she responded.

This illuminating book will not teach you how to teach or become a teacher. Instead, it will inspire you, so you may inspire others, building virtuous circles of self-learning and fulfillment.

Inspiration is the encouragement we need to open our eyes and be willing to look inside ourselves, where the universe has planted everything we need to meet our destiny and expand our happiness.

It is often said, “The teacher will appear when the student is ready.”

I learned that inspiration is what makes us ready, and he or she who inspires us, we call teacher.

May this book be an inspiration to many, that so many more will be inspired to flourish!

—Gladys Lange Highland,
Former Congresswoman for the Latin American Parliament.

Table of Contents

About the Author

Part I

Philosophy and Beliefs
Some words on Wisdom
The Brain
Education: A Human Need
The Purpose
On the Road to Change

Part II

The Practice
The Practice of self-learning
Main structure or format
The three basic Columns in Education
Mechanics; Contents of Information; Forms of Information
Definitions and Sub-divisions of the Main Structure

Part III

The Vibrant Force of Education
The ‘At Large Messages’
(Routine; Discipline; Have Fun!; Instant Gratification; Rush Syndrome)
Common questions of Education
Homework and Grades
The Nature of a Child
The Adult in the eyes of a Child
Education and Spirituality
Closing Words

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